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It might make me sicker!

I’m sitting here at home still recovering, and my power has gone out twice so far for no apparent reason. This is not good as it cuts power to my life support systems (the TV, lava lamp, flicker lights and skull lamp). While the power has been on, I’ve been watching this stupid VH1 big in 03 awards. What a steamy pile. They just got done praising asston kutcher for his superb style and his genius donning of a trucker hat. I have news for you son, that ridiculous fashion statement is not daring, or new. My former friends in big’n were wearing those stupid things 10 years ago and they were every bit as assinine then as they are today. So you are not the groundbreaker they make you out to be, and shame on you for incorporating the word PUNK into yr show and trying to co-opt my heritage to make yourself somehow cooler. Dick!

I need to get well, NOW. I am supposed to be on a plane thursday! I am starting to get better but I need to get better 100 times faster! Everyone pray for me, if you are into that sort of thing.



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