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Back home again, for now

Finally back home at least for the time being. CA was a good trip, but very busy with work. There was little free time for me this time out. I did manage to see the premier of Return of the King thanks to Thor. I met up with him and Bob after they finished seeing the extended editions of the first two movies (while I was working during the day). The movie was at the Arclight, which is a really really nice theatre. The movie was amazing, best one of the year hands down. I loved it and I can’t wait to see it again. There were all kinds of dorks dressed up for the occasion and the news was there covering it. Much thanks to Thor for the ticket and letting me keep the free gift they gave out at the end (proudly displayed in the living room of the manor).

The work part of the trip was time consuming but fun. It went well and I really enjoyed it. I’m not allowed to talk anymore about it at this time however.

Since coming back, I’ve spent my time doing laundry, finishing my xmas shopping, and taking care of various things like stuffing records into sleeves for this second pressing of the JFA/Faction split 7″ (available now!).


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