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  • Its really weird to read the trash ya put up about my father. I think if he really wanted to kill her he would of did it thats if he really did try. There are many ways to stab yourself ????

  • I’m all for hearing his side of the story. I haven’t seen any further info on it since I posted this link. Furthermore, I hardly call what I posted “trash”. If you have any additional info, please share it.

  • Sorry if I was harsh I have talked to him alot and to clear up a few things is that it was his home to begin with. I can’t really tell u much about his side of the story,but he has a lawyer and his bond is 100,000 dollars because of that so called statement he made in terseas report. If u really knew him people think he is bad because of the names he carries but he is a very good man. Its just hard to see my father doing that to her he loved her very much and would never hurt her its just that she wanted to play the field behind my fathers back I guess its just a very shity way to get him out of the picture. Has far has trying to take his life I really don’t know what happen there I know he is in alot of pain do to his back.He is doin well its just hard to see all this bullshit on the web people will say just about anything now days

  • Oh I forgot to let u know that his charges have been dropped to aggravated battery ( Domestic ) If I feel like there is anything else that the people would like to know. Alot of people don’t know that dicky has a daughter and its been a good life out of the wrestling eye I like to keep it like that so I will email u if needed. Again sorry for being a little bitchy at first.


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