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Putting it to the test

Got the new PC up and running. I’m putting the new machine to the test by capturing the video of Skinny Puppy live at the metro 10/20/88 to make a DVD of. I’m sure the encoding time is going to be a fraction of what it was on my old machine. The new machine is pretty sweet, though I seem to have some issue getting the printer description files to work with Quark on this thing for my Laserjet 4MV printer. It was fine on the old box, I don’t recall what I did to finally get it right on that machine, but I wish I knew what it was, as I have to print out some stuff for this Mentors booklet I’m working on.

Watching this video, I can’t beleive that was 15 years ago! I can remember that day vividly. Some day I might feel inspired to tell the story of that show, which was the first time I ever saw what became my favorite band of all time.


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