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The weekend in review:

Friday: Went home after work, hit Potbellys, then over to the Clown Ranch to meet up with everyone to go down to Lyon’s Den for punk rock fridays. We had a bigger group this time, two car loads full. It was a TON of fun. Dark Dave showed up and it was good to see him again, having not seen him in many years. I couldn’t tell you a thing about the bands playing except one was wearing sweatervests. I was talking to people the entire show and now because of that, my throat is thrased. I have lost my voice and it still hasn’t come back! When we got out of there, the roads were total ice, it was scary. It rained ice all nite! Upon returning to the ranch, I was still in no shape to drive, so Duke Schneider gave me a ride home, which was quite kind of him.

Saturday: After barely getting any sleep, I got up and got dressed and waited for 2 and his ladies to show up. We went to Potbellys for lunch and then back to the Manor for some pinball and games. I had a great game of Scared Stiff and I think I’m finally starting to shake the rust off my pinball playing, having not really played since the start of summer last year with very few exceptions. That nite was our first session of pinball league for the season. I got off to a suck start but ended up taking first place in my group, which pleased me quite a bit. I went home after that and crashed.

Yesterday: It was 100 below zero outside and I didn’t leave the house the entire day. I was still tired despite having slept pretty good the night before. I posted stuff on ebay, updated my website and did laundry and watched one of the DVDs I got in the mail to review for my site. It was actually a nice relaxing day, something I needed and wish I had a couple more of before having to come back to work.


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