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A real horror show!

Last nite around midnite, I went into the basment for the first time in about a week to go change the setting on my furnace and was completely shocked to see the fucking place was flooded! My first thought was “oh shit the water heater sprung a leak” but it wasn’t that. Oh no, my sump pump shit the bed. Dead. The backup pump, which apparently ONLY works on battery power, dead battery! The place was soaked! I damn near cried, and shit my pants all at the same time.

I cleaned up what I could and the insurance company is sending out the pros tomorrow. I rented a wet vac and a big carpet fan to help dry it. I lost some pinball parts to the flood but thankfully not very much. The machines are fine except the leg levellers will have to be replaced cuz they’ll rust from being in the water. I had to miss work obviously, and willl have to tomorrow and probably part of friday. The bottom of a couple video game cabinets might have suffered some damage, I’ll have to wait and see on those.

This is one of the worst things that could have happened. Luckily the powerstrips on the ground (still plugged in) didn’t short out and cause a fire! The first thing I did was unplug everything down there. Things could have been worse, I think I got off lucky but this is a very bad thing, and it is going to take a lot of work, and a lot of my insurance company’s money, to fix.


  • man, sorry to hear of all that mess!
    my basement had leaks a few years back, just from the rain and poor waterproofing…and i lost a big chunk of carpet in my main tv room. really sucked. i still have a big rug covering the ‘hole’ in the carpet. ugly shit!
    my mother’s sump pump has had troubles,too. motor’s burnt up, etc. had to replace a number of times. i don’t recall any major flooding, though, somehow.
    anyhows, best of luck…chat later-


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