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Remixed – Remastered – Ruined!

While feeding my hungry Ipod I had a friend of mine bring his cd of Bad Brains – Rock for Light over so I could feed it to my Ipod (I only have the vinyl) and when I played it, I noticed it sounded all fucked up, the pitch was way too high, it was even faster than I remember and it just sounded like crap. I thought maybe they just fucked up the CD, so I went to the vault, and pulled the Caroline vinyl (which states, “remixed and remastered by Ric Ocasek with bonus songs) and spun it. Nope, still sounded like shit. So I go back in the vault and pull out the original PVC Records pressing and play that and it sounded great. Upon back to back comparision it was evident that it sounded way different and the newer version sucked more ass than Fat Wreckords customer service!

I promptly corrrected the probelm by digitizing my original vinyl, cleaning it up and dumping it to my Ipod. I was just wondering if I was the only one who noticed this travesty?


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