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The Weirdos in Chicago!

Last nite was the show I was so looking forward too for quite awhile, The Weirdos at Subterranean! It was a really fun show. Despite there being too many opening bands, all the acts preceding The Weirdos were entertaining. The Weirdos didn’t let me down despite some drunken idiots in the crowd, some technical difficulties, and a club that has to be the absolute worst at managing time! Last nite was the time change, which made us lose out on an hour, thus making curfew happen an hour sooner and the bar having to close. Now you’d think that the sound man would have been aware of this and made adjustments, ie: not letting the opening bands play an eternity, and you’d think maybe the show could have started an hour earllier to make up for this, but no, I guess that made too much sense. So due to their gross time mis-management, The Weirdos set was cut short, right before they were going to play “Helium Bar”. Fuckers! The band were pretty pissed off about this as well, they wanted to play! And we wanted them to play! I still went home a happy man as seeing The Weirdos is such a treat for me as they are my punk rock super heroes! I thought there would be a bigger turnout, but I guess people are stupid and ignorant to their punk rock heritage. Anyway, thank you to The Weirdos for coming out here, you made my spring and I appreciate it. It was the nice cap to the best weekend I’ve had in ages!

I took a bunch of pix at the show, here’s a few highlights, the rest of the good ones will be on the Spontaneous site as soon as I get some free time to work on the site. I’m long overdue to write some new reviews too.

“There fucking room to move as a fry cook man!” Kevin from Repo Man!

John Denny

Zander and Cliff Roman


Dix Denny


  • The same thing happened when I saw Laure Aikien play there. Although I enjoyed the opening bands – Deals Gone bad and the Allstonians, the show was timed badly and Laurel only got to play about half an hour. I know you’re not a ska fan and all those horns make you want to hit people, but I wanted you to know I understand your pain. Oh, and there was no time change involved either, they just fucked up!

  • I was really bummed about not being able to go. I had to get up at 6 am the next day and I knew that with the time change I was never gonna make it. However it sounds now like I might be glad. Club unprofessionalism really pisses me off, especially when they won’t clamp down on the opening bands and make them shut the fuck up. You know, its fine that they’re your friends and everything, but what the fuck.


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