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Back from Cali

I returned home to the Manor last nite after an uneventful flight home (the best kind of flight). In fact, it was actually a little early! That certainly made up for the shitty, long, late, flight out there last Sunday! I’ll try to break down the trip by days. My NDA doesn’t allow me to talk about what I was doing out there as far as work goes so yr just gonna get the personal stuff.

Monday: Worked, was wiped out tired from not sleeping good, after work, got some Del Taco and just hung out in my hotel room and fell asleep.

Tuesday: After work went down to Hollywood, picked up Bob, Thor, and Staci, and had some fine dining at Pink’s, then did some shopping at Amoeba. I got a couple Buzzcocks 7″s cheap, 2 Neurosis live CDs, and the Sex Pistols “sexbox” 3cd box set. Not a bad haul, but no sweet vinyl finds.

Wednesday: Work, Korean BBQ with the people I was working with. We must have eaten 2 full cows, we ordered so much. It was a TON of fun.

Thursday: After work, returned the work rental car and got my own, cheaper model for the weekend since I was now footing the bill. Drove down to Hollywood to drop my stuff off at TGore’s (my home away from home), picked up Bob and Thor, ate at In and Out Burger, then went to the pool hall for some pool, and serums. I hadn’t drank in like 2 months, and got drunk rather quickly. My pool skills have waned too, not that I had many to begin with, but I’m not used to the larger sized tables.

Friday: Met up with Doug Moody over at Richard Simpson Mastering. I got the GI record mastered (the next Spontaneous Combustion Records release!) and took some pix of the process. I’ll post them up here when I can pull them off the camera. After that, I ate lunch with Doug and went over some stuff for the upcoming Mystic Records releases we are working on. Friday nite I went to see Hellboy wtih Bob, Staci, and Thor. It was a really good movie, well worth the money and time. I also hit Amoeba again and got a few DVDs and a couple more records.

I’ll post the rest, along with the pix, hopefully tonite. I had a great week, both with the work stuff and the fun stuff, though I am also glad to be back home.


  • Mystic Records can suck a cock and Doug Moody can go to hell. I don’t know if you’re aware of Doug’s past dealings with bands such as NOFX, RKL, Dr. Know, The AG’s, ect. They’re not pretty. Bands like these have been ripped off by that jerk. Be weary.

  • You know I had that AG’s ep. I miss that record.
    Had the worth sleeve ever but that song “talking a shit” is priceless.

  • ringing ear records (ag’s/sinkhole label) re-released all their stuff on cd called this earth sucks.. you may find it or i could burn you a copy if not..

  • Thanks nugget

    If I can’t find a copy to buy I’ll get back to you.
    Thanks again for the info – made my day!


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