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Back to the grind

The weekend went by way too fast, and there wasn’t enough time to accomplish all the things I wanted to do, but I did manage to get a lot done.

Friday: After work, went to Potbellys (of course) with JLS and big Mike. After that we went back to the manor and set up all the pinball games again and leveled them and got the place back in order. Then we proceeded to play as many as we could. There were good games all around and I missed playing and it was nice to get the place back in order again after the disaster that was the flood. I still need to do a little bit of cleaning up, mostly putting things away, but it is pretty much back to normal now.

Saturday: Finished up the sleeve for SCR-005, which you can see the front cover art on the newly updated Spontaneous Combustion site! Drove Pod to get his car fixed and finished up the latest work for Mystic Records’ next release. At nite I went to Rick’s party. Rick is a big game collector guy and he has lots of pinballs and mame cabinets. I played way more old video games than pinball since I have most of the same pins as he does. It was a treat to play such classics as Reactor, Punch Out, Cliff Hanger, Satans Hollow, and tons more. We stayed until the very end and closed the place.

Sunday: Updated the Spontaneous site, went to buy groceries and then went to see Pelican and Sweet Cobra at Bottom Lounge. It was a 4 band bill, but I did not stay for the final band, and I got there during the last song of the first band, which was a blessing as they sounded pretty lousy. The admission was a staggering $12, which I thought was steep, until I realized a few mins later when handed some information that this show was a benefit show for breast cancer. I felt a lot better about paying the price to get in knowing it was such a worthy cause. Pelican were great as always and played 2 new songs. Sweet Cobra were pretty good and their last song was pretty damn great. The show was a late one, and now I’m paying the price as I am super tired and it was really hard to get up when the alarm went off this morning.


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