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The Cheifs!

Yesterday the test pressings for SCR-006: The Cheifs – Blues 7″ came in!!! They sound real good and I just faxed in the approval to the plant. Now I just need to get Bob G to send me the materials I need to do the sleeve!

There is not enough hours in the damn day, I am backlogged with stuff to do outside of work. Last nite a good 2 hours was devoted to packing up records to ship out for mailorders and distros for the GI record. I have a Mystic Records project to start, a one-sheet to create for the GI record so I can pimp it out to more distros, an ad to make for the record, review copies to send out, a garage to clean, special sleeves for GI to silkscreen, and groceries to buy. I wish the weekend was 5 days long, then I could catch up on more stuff!


  • I hope the materials finally got there and they are what you need. Apologies to all for delaying the process. Good luck with it…

  • I got them and got the sleeve and insert all layed out and ready for printing. Barring any fuckups, the finished product should be out in about 2 weeks, I can’t wait!


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