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Bad Blood

Last nite’s WWE PPV with the above title was pretty good overall. I can’t think of any match that made me think “man that sucked”. The only lackluster match was the opening tag match. Benoit probably got one of Kane’s best matches out of him, the ladies match was decent I guess for what it was, and the hell in a cell match was really well done. I had a decent crowd over and we grilled burgers and dogs before the event.

Happy belated birthday to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson, who are now 18!

The rest of the weekend was spent doing Spontaneous Combustion business for the most part. That and cleaning the house, and a lot of resting.

Tomorrow nite and Wed nite both are the Skinny Puppy shows. I’m starting finally to get excited about them and I hope they don’t suck. I still have that extra ticket if anyone can go.


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