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Like nite and day – Skinny Puppy day 2

All I can say is….


Last nite’s Skinny Puppy show was light years better than the night before. The first night they seemed a little off and didn’t seem to hit their stride until the last song of the main set (Harsh Stone White, one of my favorite songs to hear them play live). Last nite however they were spot on from the start! The sound was a lot better for some reason, and they seemed way more into it. I saw that spark, that bit of magic that made them the greatest band in the world last nite and I was left in awe. As much as I don’t really care for the new songs, even those came off better last nite. Everything seemed tightened up and more powerful. Human Disease (one of my all time favorites and a song I was shocked they were playing) was great, God’s Gift damn near had me shitting in my pants, and VX Gas Attack was taken to a whole new level. This time for the encore, they ditched the Tron-Dog costume and Testure and Convulsion (a song that never comes across good live) and instead played The Choke and Smothered Hope! The total set time was right around 95 minutes which makes for the longest Skinny Puppy set of their career, but I always wish they’d play longer. Hell, I’d have tossed in an extra 10 bucks last nite for another half hour of stuff because they were so good last nite. Now I can rest easy knowing they have certainly not tainted their legacy, and all things considered they are keeping it alive pretty damn good now in the live department, even if the new album was a bit of a let-down.


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