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Skinny Puppy in CA, day 2 of 3

Thor and I went to In and Out burger for a quick dinner before heading over to the show. It was good as always and I think we somehow made record time getting served there, and it was packed! We got to the club and saw there was no line, turned out this show started at 7 and not 8! Doh! It was 7:05 when we got there so we didn’t miss anything but the really bad opening act that played before Tweaker.

Remember in my previous post my commending the club security about NOT bitching about a chain on a wallet? Well I guess I was just lucky cuz they told me I couldn’t have that on and go in. I asked if I could just put it in my pocket since I took public transportation to the show (actually I walked but I wasn’t gonna tell those dicks that). The guy was kind of a prick and said no. I told him that last nite it was ok to be wearing it and what changed. He just said to ditch it or not come in. I went to the will call window and got my tickets and asked the man working if he could hold it for me until after the show because even though last nite it was ok to have it, tonite it wasn’t and I really don’t want to throw it away. He told me to give it to him and when I get in the club, knock on the door to that room and he’ll just give it back to me inside. That was really cool of him so I got my chain and put it in my pocket. I circumvented the man!

The show was better than last nite, even though they played one less song. Instead of doing a pair of 2 song encores, they did one 3 song encore that featured Convulsion (Ogre was wearing the tron-dog suit too), Blue Serge (I read that they were playing that on occasion but they hadn’t at any previous show I had seen) and finally The Choke (which I figured they’d play since they didn’t last nite). Great show, great sound, we still managed to get the best seats in the house upstairs (thankfully all the people who got there early and before us all wanted to be up front on the floor)! I, of course, can’t wait to see them the final time tomorrow, which will be my 14th time seeing Skinny Puppy in my life, dating back to 1988.

Tomorrow Thor and I are gonna catch the 11am showing of Spiderman 2 at the arclight. I’m looking forward to it as I’ve been waiting for the movie for ages.


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