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Yesterdy our Dance Dance Revolution PS2 game w/2 dance pads arrived. Man we sure got those quick, which I will of course reflect in their feedback on ebay. So Lady Combustion and I unpacked the gear and took it for a test run. The game is actually a whole lot of fun, and man you do work up a sweat, even when you play it on easy. At first I didn’t know which way was up but I was getting the hang of it after a few games. I am proud to say that Lady Combustion didn’t beat me even once, but on those last games she sure came close. She, having much more natural rhythm than I do (I am the whitest white boy around), will probably end up being better at this thing than I am. I think it was well worth the 35 bucks plus shipping we ended up paying for the whole gimmick. All the stuff was brand new/sealed too. I wonder how they are able to sell that whole package for what one of those control pads costs at the store?

Tomorrow nite These Arms Are Snakes are playing Bottom Lounge. Anyone want to go???

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  • J and I saw the game in live action at an arcade on Old Orchard Beach. It looked like a lot fun and I even commented how I wanted to get one for home…not that we could actually use it, living above our super christian, quiet neighbors and all.

    Only if you could find a way to program it with your own music, now that would be awesome. Imagine dancing to These Arms Are Snakes. ha.


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