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While reading one of my favorite DVD sites forums, I learned of this little program called DVD Profiler. It sounded really interesting so I downloaded it and gave it a try. What it does is make a database of all of yr DVDs and has cool info about them like reviews, easter eggs, actor/director info, etc, plus all kinds of other cool features. You can enter yr discs by typing in the UPC number, or putting the disc in the DVD drive on yr computer, or if you have fancy gear, scan them with a barcode reader. I spent a couple hours inputting my entire DVD collection. This thing is awesome. So awesome in fact, that I, cheap ass that I am, even paid for the premium package (25 bucks) to support the product, something I seldom do! I have lately wanted to make a list of all my DVDs that I own to keep track of them much like I have a list of my entire record collection, and now I do, and it didn’t take a lot of work, I did it all while watching TV!

And speaking of DVDs, tomorrow is the biggest of all DVD days! The Star Wars trilogy comes out. I’m going to Fry’s before work and buying it.


  • I can’t remember the last time I watched “Smackdown!” in its entirety.

    So are you getting tickets for Wrestlemania 21 at Staples Center? They officially go on sale this Saturday, although there will no doubt be a pre-sale on Friday.

  • For the most part, smackdown is getting a little better. I like Theodore R. Long as the GM. The HEIDENREICH stuff, obviously, is the shits. JBL has been entertaining when he is NOT wrestling.

    I’m hoping to score some free WM tix for the show, and also score a trip out there for it thru work. Hopefully there will be some sort of promotion thing going on thru work that I can partake of.

  • DVD wise, DVDtalk tends to empty my wallet, yet I read it religiously. DVD collecting is an interesting habit I’ll have to write about one of these days. As for DVDprofiler, I’ve never really seen the point of those DVD collection list sites, but maybe I’ll check this one out due to some of the cooler sounding features. I dunno though, seems half the point of those sites is for people to show off their collections, which I’m not really into, despite how cool my DVD’s are ;). In other news, I saw your post about wrestling gold — I picked that up myself last week – the commentary track makes it an amazing deal.

  • Jer uses DVD Profiler in a functional fashion. He set up an online database between him and his coworkers where they request and check out their DVDs to one another.

  • I haven’t even really checked out the online profile part of DVD Profiler. I just like that I have a sweet database of my DVD collection on my laptop now. I really like how it tells you about any easter eggs hidden on the discs too.


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