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3x Thursday

1. How do you get your music/new music these days (radio, tv, internet, friends)? What kind of music are you into right now?
I still read fanzines which help. Sometimes I’ll buy something based on a description in a record store, other times I’ll buy them based on a friend’s recommendation.

2. By which medium do you recieve music? Do you still buy CDs, or do you buy the albums in digital form? Or both?
I will, without question, buy the vinyl if it exists on that format. Fuck CDs, they are no fun. The only purpose of the CD is for easy ripping to the Ipod. If I REALLY like the band, I’ll buy both CD and LP with the CD’s only purpose, again, being to copy to my Ipod. I think buying songs online is stupid because I’m a mark for packaging and want a physical item, not some computer files for my money.

3. What is your opinion about downloading music without purchasing it? Do you believe it really hurts record sales? Is anyone but the RIAA really suffering?
I can honestly tell you that I have downloaded music from the internet, and liked it so much that I went out and bought the record. This has happened to me lots of times. I think it is a great idea for labels to put mp3s on their website, a couple from each release, so people can check it out and buy it if they like it. As for if it is hurting record sales, I think it is a double edged sword. In some cases it does, and in some cases it probably promotes sales. I think a band like Metallica are pretty foolish for being so adamant against it because in theory, it probably brings MORE people to their concerts, which is where a band makes all their money from ticket sales and merch. The 2 cents a record they are losing in royalties isn’t where the money is. Personally I think you SHOULD download Metallica albums and then NOT go see them because they are a bunch of washed up nancys who sue their fans. They haven’t put out a record worht a shit, let alone a purchase, since And Justice For All, or perhaps a small portion of the black album.


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