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RIP Big Bossman

I got an email from Koga, who pointed me to this link with some sad news. Another wrestler is gone. The Big Bossman.

I remember when he was Big Bubba when he wrestled down south and then he had a really good run in the WWF as Big Bossman. He started out as a heel, but like most good heels, they eventually turned him face and watered down his gimmick. Ray Traylor (his real-life name) was a very agile big man and actually had a good amount of wrestling skills, especially for his size. Eventually his tenure at WWF ended and he made his way to WCW where he eventually started wrestling under his real name but never really got out of the mid-card. He ended up coming back to the WWE but never captured the same fame he had in his first run. A completely stupid angle with the Big Show, and a cage match featuring dogs had a lot to do with why he didn’t get more over on that last run. Eventually he was released and that was the last I heard of him. I’m sure he was working indy shows somewhere.

It always bums me out when a wrestler I grew up watching, or even just only recently was watching, dies, especially when they are still young. RIP Bossman. Like the others, I thank you for the entertainment you brought me on my television (and at arenas) throughout the years, and hopefully you’ll be fighting for the big world title up in the sky against all the others that we’ve lost.

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