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The Star Wars endurance day

Saturday I did what I set out to do, I watched the entire Star Wars Trilogy DVD boxset from beginning to end, including all the extras. I started at around 1pm and finished around 11pm or so. Visually and audibly, the movies have never been better. Of course these are the new special special editions, and not the same cut that we all saw as kids in the movie theatre (I saw SW like 10 or more times in the theatre when I was a young boy). Some of the changes they made were actually better than the stuff that was in the 1997 edition, for example they made a better CGI Jabba in the first movie. The only things I didn’t like was the way they changed the Jabba’s palace scene with the band playing (this was done in the 1997 edition) and the fact that they changed Anakin at the end to be the image of Hayden Christanson (I probably spelled that wrong) as he appears in Episode 3. Yeah Greedo shooting first is pretty lame but this time they shoot at the same time. The rest of the enhancements were, for the most part, pretty damn cool. Yeah, I still prefer the original theatrical editions, which I have now on Laserdisc, but this boxset is still amazing, and a must-own. It was a nice throwback to my childhood to sit there all day geeking out on Star Wars movies, and a very relaxing day.


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