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R.I.P. Jacopo

I found out today that one of my daghouse message board friends, Jacopo Giorgi, took his own life. This came as a complete shock to me, and everyone else who frequents that board. Jacopo was one of the nicest people on the board and had a lot of enthusiasm for punk and hardcore music. He also happened to be a fan of GI and my label in general. Like a lot of my daghouse friends, Jacopo was someone who I hoped that someday I’d meet in person and get a chance to hang out with. Now I, along with a the rest of the board, aren’t going to get that chance. I’m not sure why Jacopo did what he did, he always seemed like a cheerful and positive guy, but I do know that he will be missed, and the world of punk rock is going to be a sadder place without him.



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