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Snow induced hibernation weekend

Well, as everyone probably knows, the bitch known as mother nature layed the smackdown on us by dumping a foot of snow on us again. I drove home from work while it was in its early stages, so only the last half of the drive was crappy. I did not leave the house from then until sunday afternoon when I went to get groceries and eat breakfast with some of the klowns.

During this snow-imposed shut in, I watched a bunch of movies, took care of crap around the house, and did a hell of a lot of snow shovelling (three times to be exact). I finally got to watch Return of the King Extended Edition and holy shit was it good. For a 4-hour movie, it seems to go by rather quickly. I liked it even more than the theatrical version, which I loved. I had hoped to take on the supergeek task of watching the whole trilogy extended editions back to back, but I don’t have that much free time these days to devote a 12 hour block to that. It is still a dorky goal I have for later in the year.

Other movies viewed were Confidential (Lady Combustions movie and choice) which was a very entertaining movie about a group of cons pulling a big scam. She got the movie from the $5.50 bin at Wal Mart and I’ll say it was a great deal, well worth the money and time. Dark City was another and it was ok, but I found it to drag on a bit and had a much cooler look than actual story. Lady C’s other pick was Feeling Minnesota, which I saw most of on cable late at nite many years ago. Not a bad movie either and another good score from her perusing the bargain bin at Wal Mart. This movie featuring a younger, more bloated Courtney Hole having a small part as a waitress.

It was a nice relaxing weekend despite the damn snow shovelling, and again it went by way too fast. Man how I wish weekends were always 3 days long. I can’t wait until this project is done at work and I can take some time off.


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