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Just so you won’t worry…

Communication with me may be a bit sporadic over the next few days or so. See I bought a new laptop and then wiped the old one clean and gave it to Lady Combustion. Well, it turned out I hated the WSXGA+ screen on the new one so I sent it back today and ordered the same laptop with the WXGA screen. Man, the shit was so small on the one I had that I wonder how anyone could work on the even more hi-res WUXGA screen. The people who work on those must only be playing games and working on photos and don’t use it to read anything or view text of any kind. While I haven’t been to the eye doctor in well over half my life, my eyes are pretty good to this day and I was straining to read some of the stuff with the screen I had.

Dell seems to be taking their sweet time building and shipping the new one and today was the cutoff to ship back the old one so now I’m stuck sans-laptop until it comes. I do have a desktop computer but I do all my email, etc on the laptop, the desktop is pretty much only used for doing layouts and the S.C. database and any video stuff I take on. I carry that laptop with me all over The Manor since I have wireless. This morning I already started feeling empty without the laptop.

So anyway, if I’m slow to respond to emails, now you know why. I won’t be around a computer nearly as often until it arrives.


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