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Dear automobile, please remove your fist

At what is possibly the worst time to happen, my car decided it was time to give me a body cavity search and last nite cost me around 800 bucks for various repairs that were needed. I was hoping when my service engine light went on and the car was starting to run kind of poor, that it wasn’t going to cost a lot. Of course nothing with these damn cars is cheap so of course it had to be a lot. It wasn’t even one thing wrong, that light came on for like four different problems. Hopefully this buys me another year out of the thing (while it isn’t necessarily that old in age, it certainly is in mileage thanks to my last couple years working at Midway and having to use my own car to drive to all the locations for the test program. That SO wasn’t worth the crappy mileage pay they gave) because I can’t afford to buy a new one right now.

On a brighter note, my replacement laptop was delivered this morning, so I can start setting it up when I get home tonite. I will then commence posting as much stuff as I can gather on ebay to try and recoup the money I just pissed away on my car last nite. There won’t be any big purchases for me for quite some time as right now it is a shaky and uncertain road ahead in the next couple months. I can’t talk about the reasons for it right now, but everyone please keep your fingers crossed on my behalf, and clicking those ads on the left would be appreciated too. I hate to be a shill, but between the car, and what can’t be spoken of, I could really use the money. Had I known when I bought the laptop of the troubles, I certainly would have postponed its purchase.

And to try and end this post on a more positive note, I’ve had contact with a couple more members of old punk bands this week who will be contributing some stories for future vault selections. Thanks to them, and all the other band members who have shared their stories, and hopefully this good wave will continue and I can keep finding more of them to share their stories in the future.


  • Sorry for the financial and computer woes, but it does give me the chance to say what a great site you have here. It’s much appreciated.
    I wasn’t in a punk band. Lived in LA and saw all of the local faves and had various connections to some of them, no help to you so I guess I’m just braggin’.


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