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The hell with that

I had a tag board on the right sidebar for all of a day before I realized that the damn thing was creating pop up ads! I know the solution is probably to pay for the enhanced one, but I wanted to try it out and see if it was worth keeping, and if it was I’ll never know because I ditched it, and their doing the pop up ads just ensured that I will never use their shit again.

I apologize to anyone who came by in the past day and had a pop up ad. You can thank the assholes at tag-board for that one.

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  • hi! got here through BlogClicker. i’m in the process of trying out a new one. i’ve been using Chatterbox for months, and it doesn’t have pop-up ads, but sometimes it takes damn near forever to load!

    right now i’m trying cbox (or something like that). stop by and tag me!


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