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Thanks a lot Yahoo…

It seems that for some unknown reason, yahoo mail flags anything sent form my domain as spam and dumps it in a user’s bulk mail folder. If you have a yahoo email address and have been in contact with me, please check there for any mail I may have sent you. This especially applies to Bill of Toxic Ranch Records/Peace Corpse as I’ve been trying to email you.

I can’t begin to tell you just how frustrating and annoying this is. I contacted yahoo about this, and in their infinite wisdom, they asked me to send them an email that was received and sent to the bulk folder from someone’s yahoo acct. Why that is I don’t know, just fucking fix the problem, you know my domain name and I wrote you from it complaining.

I still have plenty of Gmail accounts to pass out if anyone using yahoo mail wants to ditch that shitty service for a better one.


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