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Why NWA TNA will never take off

Well, there is a lot of reasons but the biggest reason why it will never be anything besides a second rate infomercial is simple…

Jeff Jarett

The guy is the least suited to be the world champion/main eventer in any federation. His finisher is the most retarded in the history of the business and no one can sell that sad looking thing right in hopes of making it look good (especially Kevin Nash who is just too damn lazy to even bother trying). His promos are sad, pale, imitations of people he’s watched on tv but he can’t even copy them right. He stole the Honky Tonk Man’s gimmick but does it poorly. His sad excuse for catch phrases are downright pathetic (“slapnuts” and “planet jarett”, ugh!), and the only reason he is in the position he is in that company is cuz he and his dad run it.

The guy winning over and over against far more entertaining workers that people would actually want to watch is akin to Triple H having the monopoly on the top spot in the WWE except Triple H is actually entertaining to watch in the ring and is capable of generating genuine heel heat and make you care about watching his matches in hopes of him getting his ass kicked. He actually deserves a spot at the top. When Jeff Jarett enters the ring, you just want to change the channel. He generates the kind of heel heat that you don’t want, the kind that sours you from watching the program.

Jeff, give it up and drop that strap to someone far more deserving, who just might make someone care about the product you and your dad are trying to push. You in the top spot is never going to put enough asses in seats, or bring in a decent buy rate for your PPV’s. The sooner you realize that, and the sooner you ditch the sports card late nite infomercial shill Don West at your color commentator, the better.


  • Jeff jarett, What a joke this guy is, He was bad on wcw back in the day, that lame guitar finish always made me cringe. What you said about nash is true, He is one big lazy lump, Only in it for the paycheck.They need some new blood, someone who can at least wrestle a bit.Mvx you made some really good points, Think it’s time for ol’ slapnuts to take a backseat or early retirement, By the way love coming to this blog everyday and learn something about a mans passion for record collecting, Keep up the good work.

  • Yo guys
    You are right Jeff Jarret does need to reitre but about needing new blood: AJ Styles is one of the best up and coming superstars ever. He will be great


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