The Punk Vault

I’m cashing out!

The Punk Vault is now for sale. Look for the shilling on ebay to begin shortly. I’m tired of assholes with trust funds cheating me out of my punk rock time after time. I don’t make enough money to keep up with such humps as scott666 on ebay so fuck it, they can have it all. I’m gonna take the money I get and buy a bigger TV and a bigger house to hold all my other shit.

You’ll soon be able to overpay for a vast array of vintage punk records, Negative Approach and Minor Threat test pressings, and all that other stuff that is quite the hot collectible these days. 20+ years of acquiring these things should bring in some good coin.

Want to know some of the things I’m selling…

Check your calender suckers!

Yeah, like I’d ever sell the vault!



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