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What day is it again?!

It is amazing how quickly I have fallen into the trap of not even knowing what day it is since I am not working. No luck on the job hunt so far, and it is frustrating and scary all at the same time. I need a damn job and I need income. I don’t go anywhere because I don’t want to spend money so I can pay the bills. I am going to The Effigies show tomorrow, only for the fact that a friend is taking mercy on me by paying for my ticket.

The weather finally warmed up so I am taking advantage of my unemployment today by sanding down and re-staining the front door of Combustion Manor. It was in pretty sad shape. I’m covered in sawdust as I type this, only taking a break to eat a frozen pizza.

Hopefully I’ll get some good pix of The Effigies tomorrow nite that I can post up here. If anyone I know is going to be there, come up and say hi, or buy yr unemployed vault-keeper a beer, he certainly could use one!


  • sorry for the swering but this place is fucked and cerupt i hate this head ach all as i know isfuck this town and its stupid shit but its the shit at the same time got to love it forthe limited cool people but i do not know the day shal i say but sun is up

  • Hope you enjoy yourself at the Effigies and I can’t wait to see pix.

    Sorry about your unemployment status. Being out of work sucks the big one.

    Good luck


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