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3x Thursday

I haven’t done one of these in ages and I have a couple of free minutes before I have to head out to take care of some stuff, which isn’t enough time to finish the planned entry for later today.

1. Do you like the different seasons? Why/Why not?
Well, some of them. Spring is nice because it means winter is ending and it gets warmer. Summer rules and fall is OK, but somewhat depressing.

2. With changing seasons comes changing weather. What weather changes do you like and dislike that come with this?
I like it when after a long winter and then spring, it gets warm enough to start wearing shorts and to be able to go outside and ride my bike all the time. Even though for some reason fall is depressing to me (perhaps because I always equated it with having to go back to school when I was a kid), I do also enjoy being able to wear pants again, and go out to a show and not have it be 100 degrees in there.

3. Which season do you dislike the most? Why?

I despise winter! I hate the cold and especially the snow. Its damn near crippling at times. The weather is so crappy, it makes me want to hibernate for the entire season, which if my unemployment insurance wasn’t about to run out, was something that might have inadvertently happened this winter since I still haven’t had any luck finding a job. I tend to stay in a whole lot and watch a lot of movies and TV during the winter, that and play a healthy amount of pinball.

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