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Heads up Nardcore collectors

Just a head’s up for fans of Nardcore and Mystic Records, specifically the band RKL. Mystic Records has pressed up a mere 300 copies of The Best of RKL LP on blue vinyl in the original sleeve. In cleaning out his storage facility, Doug Moody found 300 unused covers and pressed up enough records to fill them. This super limited edition should be out within the week and likely won’t last very long at all. For those of you who are record dealers/stores, Mystic Records is distributed by Sound of California. I’ll post a picture of this record once I receive my copies.

In other Mystic Records news, the Flower Leperds – The Original Group CD should be out in a couple of weeks. I just approved the artwork for it on Friday afternoon. This collects everything they ever recorded at Mystic Studios with Mark Olson singing, along with a never before released practice recording with the same lineup doing some of the songs from their Mystic years, along with some that ended up on their later records with Tony Adolescent singing. The booklet is full of photos, lyrics and liner notes written by three former band members, and myself (as I was the one who put the entire project together). I’m pretty excited about it as this has been like two years in the making and Flower Leperds are my absolute favorite band to ever record for the label.


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