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This is by no means complete, but I’m looking for the following records to fill holes in The Punk Vault. If you have them for sale or possibly for trade, please get in touch.


Absentees – Tryin’ to Mess With Me 7″ (UG) original only
Abused – Loud and Clear 7″ (abused music)
Active Ingredients – Laundramat Loverboy 7″ (Active)
Active Ingredients – Hyper Exaggeration 7″ (Active)
Active Ingredients – Bringing Down the Big Boys 7″ (Fat Man Records)
Amebix – Monolith LP (Heavy Metal)
Amebix – No Sanctuary 12″ (Spiderleg)
Anti – I Don’t Want to Die in Your War LP (New Underground)
Antidote – Thou Shalt Not Kill 7″ (Antidote Records)
Articles of Faith – Core LP (white vinyl) Bitzcore
Artistic Decline – Random Violence LP (Deco Entertainment)
Avengers – We are the One 7″ (Large hole, black vinyl) Dangerhouse
Bad Brains – Pay to Cum 7″ w/original picture sleeve (Bad Brain Records)
Bad Brains – I Against I LP (red vinyl) SST
Bangs – Getting Out of Hand 7″ (Downkiddie) 1st press only
Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead promo only 7″ (MGM/UA)
Beatles – Love Me Do/PS I Love You (red vinyl) CEMA/Capitol S7-56785
Beatles – Norwegian Wood/If I Needed Someone (green vinyl) CEMA/Capital S7-18888
Black Flag – Damaged LP (translucent purple vinyl) SST
Bobby Soxx – Hate in the 80s 7″ (VVV)
Bodysnatchers 7″ (Wall o Sound)
Burnt – The MP EP 7″ (Mutha)
Burnt – Where’s My Head LP (Mutha)
Cells – Uh-Oh 7″ (Rude )
Cells – Chemical Reaction 7″ (Rude)
Child Molesters – Hillside Strangler 7″ (Ace & Duce)
Child Molesters – Wholesale Murder 7″ (Ace & Duce)
Chronic Sick – 7″ (Mutha)
Chronic Sick – Cutest Band in Hardcore (Mutha)
CIA – Gods Guts Guns 7″ (Shmegma)
Code of Honor/Sick Pleasure – Split LP (blue vinyl, white vinyl) Subterranean Records
The Colors – Rave it Up 7″ (all colors of vinyl except black) Infinite Records
Cracked Actor – Nazi School 7″ (Death Records)
Cramps – Surfin’ Bird 7″ (Vengeance)
Cramps – Human Fly 7″ (Vengeance)
Crime – Masarait/Gangster Funk 7″ (w/promo limited sleeve) B-Square
Cringe – Spit on Your Grave 7″
Crucifix – 1st LP (black vinyl) Universal Records
Damned – Damned Damned Damned (red vinyl) Stiff
Damned – Damned Damned Damned (1st press w/hot rods photo on back) Stiff
Dark Day – Exterminating Angel LP (Lust/Unlust)
Dark Day – Trapped 12″ (Lust/Unlust)
Dark Day – Window LP (Plexus)
Dayglow Abortions – Out of the Womb LP (original pressing only)
DDT – Brave New World 7″ (Five Minute Productions)
Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer 7″ w/ps (Sire)
Death – Politicians in my Eyes 7″ (Tryangle)
Defex – Psycho Surfer 7″ (Wacker)
Devo – Are We Not Men LP (green vinyl) Virgin
Dinosaur (Jr.) – S/T first album (yellow vinyl) Homestead
Dinosaur Jr. – You’re Living All Over Me LP (pink vinyl, purple vinyl) SST
Dirty Dogs – Sorority Girl 7″ (Devil May Care Production)
Dishrags – Past is Past 7″ (Modern Records)
DOA – Bloodied But Unbowed LP (purple vinyl) CD Presents
Dogs – Slash Your Face 7″ (detroit)
Dogs – John Rock 7″ (dynamic)
Doomsday Massacre – Wake Up or Melt Down 7″ (CIA)
DV8 – Learn to Say Goodbye/Guns on the Right  7″ (Tough)
Eat – God Punishes the Eat 7″ (gigling hitler)
Eat – Communist Radio 7″ (gigling hitler)
Eddie and the Subtitles – American Society 7″ (w/band name only sleeve)
Ejectors – Hydro Head 7″ (VVV)
Embarrassment – Sex Drive 7″ (Big Time Records)
Execute – A-Z flexi 7″
Faction – No Hidden Messages ( yellow vinyl) IM Records
Faith – Subject to Change (clear and white vinyls only) Dischord
Fear – Now You’re Dead/I Love Living in the City 7″ (Criminal)
Fix – Vengeance 7″ (Touch and Go)
Flipper – All LPs on color vinyl (subterranean)
Frantix – Face Reality 7″ (Local Anesthetic)
Frantix – My Dad’s A Fuckin’ Alchoholic 7″ (Local Anesthetic)
F-Word – Live Like it or Not (pre-release version w/stamped sleeve) Posh Boy
Gang Green – Another Wasted Night LP (color vinyl) Taang!
Gears – Rockin’ at Ground Zero LP (PlayGems)
Genral Foodz – Be So Funny 7″ (Destiny)
Germs – Lexicon Devil 7″ (red sleeve) Slash
Gizmos – Never Mind the Sex Pistols 7″ (Gulcher)
Government Issue – Make an Effort 7″ (clear vinyl reissue) Tragic Life
Green River – Come On Down LP (red vinyl) Homestead Records
Green River – Rehab Doll LP (green vinyl) Sub Pop
Happy Cadavers – With Illustrations 7″
Hates – No Talk in the Eighties 7″ (w/band photo sleeve) Faceless Records
Hates – So What 7″ (Faceless)
Heart Attack – God is Dead 7″ (Damage Goods)
Heart Attack – Keep Your Distance 12″ (Serious Clown)
Hollywood Squares – Hillside Strangler 7″ (original only, not the repro)
Hugh Beaumont Experience – Cone Johnson 7″
Human Therapy – Domesticated People 7″ (Dr. Dream Records)
Huns – Busy Kids 7″
Ill Repute – Oxnard Land of No Toilets 7″ (purple vinyl) Superseven/Mystic
Isis – SGNL 05 (orange vinyl) Tortuga
James Chance and the Contortions – Buy LP (ZE)
Jerry’s Kidz – 7″ (2nd press with band sleeve) Test Site Records
Kaos – Product of a Sick Mind 7″ (original promo only version) What?
Kiss – Hotter Than Hell LP (red vinyl) Casablanca/PYE
Kiss – Dressed to Kill LP (red vinyl) Cassablanca/PYE
Kremlin Korpse – Moscow’s Revenge 7″ (Speed of Sound)
Last Rights – Chunks 7″ (all variations) Taang!
Legal Weapon – No Sorrow 12″ EP
Legionaires Disease Band – Downtown 7″
Lewd – American Wino – LP (ICI Records)
Mad – Eyeball 7″ (Disgusting)
Mars – 3E/11000 Volts 7″ (Rebel)
Mentally Ill – Sex Cells 7″ w/sleeve (Autistic)
Metallica – Creeping Death 12″ ( yellow vinyl) Music For Nations
Minor Threat – In My Eyes 7″ (red vinyl, xerox “gary cousinS” sleeve) dischord
Misfits – Bullet 7″ (original black vinyl with insert) Plan 9
Misfits – Earth AD LP (all colors of vinyl) plan 9
Mission for Christ – Pennies From Hell 7″ (No Trend)
Modern Warfare – Nothing’s Left for Me 7″ (Bemisbrain)
Mule – Tennessee Hustler 7″ (red vinyl)
Mutants – New Dark Ages 7″ (415 Music)
Nasty Facts – Drive My Car 7″ (Jimboco)
Necros – Sex Drive 7″ (Touch and Go)
Negative Approach – EP (red and white labels) Touch and Go
The Next – Kick Ass 7″ (Sharp)
Nirvana – Love Buzz 7″ (Sub Pop) ORIGINAL ONLY!
NOFX – So What if We’re on Mystic 7″ (yellow vinyl)
NOFX – So What if We’re On Mystic 7″ (purple vinyl)
NY Niggers – Headliner 7″ (NYN)
Offenders – Lost Causes 7″ (Suffering Sounds)
Pagans – Six and Change 7″
Panics – I Wanna Kill My Mom 7″ (Gulcher)
Pink Floyd – The Nile Song/Ibiza Bar (Harvest w/picture sleeve)
Psycho – 8 Song 12″ EP (Axction Records)
Ravers – Cops Are Punks 7″ (Screwball)
Really Red – Modern Needs 7″ (CIA)
Really Red – Despise Moral Majority 7″ (CIA)
Really Red – Teaching You the Fear LP (CIA)
RF7 – Acts of Defiance 7″ (Smoke 7)
Richard Hell – Blank Generation 7″ (Ork Records)
Rocket from the Crypt – Rocket Pack 7″ (pusmort)
Rocket from the Crypt/Septic Death – Split double 7″ (pushead)
Sado Nation – We’re Not Equal LP (Brainstem)
Sado Nation – I’m in Trouble 7″ (Trap)
Scared Straight – S/T 7″ (blue vinyl) Mystic/Superseven
Sector Four – Disc-lexia 7″ (Destroy Records)
Septic Death – Need so Much Attention LP (color vinyl)
Septic Death – Time is Boss 10″ (green vinyl, multicolor vinyl) Deluxe
7 Seconds – The Crew LP (red vinyl) BYO
7 Seconds – Walk Together Rock Together LP (red, blue, and white vinyls) BYO
Shit Dogs – The History of Cheese 7″
Shit Dogs – You Bet 7″ (Pangolin Productions)
Silver Chalice – Wasted 7″ (final gear)
SNFU – And No One Else Wanted to Play LP (red and blue vinyls) BYO
Social Distortion – Another State of Mind 7″ (blue vinyl) Triple X
Social Distortion – Mommy’s Little Monster LP (green vinyl) Triple X
Social Distortion – 1945 7″ (yellow radiation sleeve) 13th Story
Soundgarden – Flower 10″ (purple vinyl) SST Records
Soundgarden – Ultramega OK LP (blue vinyl) SST Records
Soundgarden – Screaming Life EP (orange vinyl, blue vinyl, pink marbled vinyl)
Spastic Rats – Rodentia 7″ (Vermin Scum)
Stains – John Wayne 7″ 1st PRESS SLEEVE ONLY
State – No Illusions 7″ (Statement Records)
The Static – My Relationship/Don’t Let Me Stop You 7″ (Theoretical)
Stimulators – MACHINE 7″
Stiphnoyds – Afraid of the Russians 7″ (Trap)
Stisism – Introducing Stisism 7″ (Mutha)
Stisism – Dancing with Bacteria 7″ (Mutha)
Subhumans – Death to the Sickoids 7″
Subhumans – Incorrect Thoughts LP (Friends Records)
Subhumans – Incorrect Thoughts LP (purple vinyl) CD Presents
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks – Pre Teenage Jesus 12″ EP (ZE)
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks – Pink 12″ EP (pink vinyl) Migraine Records
Terminal Mind – 7″ (No Records)
Theoretical Girls – US Millie/You Got Me 7″ (Theoretical)
Tools – Smoke Filled Rooms 7″ (Work Records)
Tools – Hard Work 7″ (Subterranean)
Transistors – Telephone 7″ (Screwball)
Unatural Axe – They Saved Hitlers Brain 7″ (Varulven)
Undead – Act Your Rage LP (green and orange vinyls) Post Mortem Records
Uniform Choice – Screaming for Change (green vinyl, red vinyl ) Wishingwell
V/A – Drinking is Great 7″ (black vinyl) Fatal Erection
V/A – No New York LP (1st press only on Antilles)
V/A – Red Snerts LP (Gulcher)
V/A – Someone Got Their Head Kicked In (blue vinyl)BYO
V/A – Something to Beleive In LP (red and blue vinyl) BYO
Vains – The Loser 7″ (No Threes)
Vatican Commandos – Just a Frisbee 7″ (Pregnant Nun)
Vatican Commandos – Hit Squad for God 7″ (Pregnant Nun)
Victims – Annette 4 Song EP (w/sleeve) Plan 9
VKTMS – Midget 7″ (Emergency Room Records)
VKTMS – 100% White Girl (415 Records)
Vom – Live at Surf City 7″ (White Noise Records)
Vomit Pigs – Take One 7″ (Bad Wrechords)
Worst – 7″ EP (Mutha)
Worst – Expect the Worst LP (Mutha)
Y Pants – 7″ EP (Neutral)
YDI – A Place in the Sun 7″ (Blood Bubble)
Youth Brigade – Sound and Fury (Red, Clear, and White vinyls)
Zero Boys – Living in the 80s 7″ (Zdisc) ORIGINAL ONLY
Zoetrope – The Right Way/Call 33 7″

Other Wants:
Sleeve only for Mentally Ill – Sex Cells 7″
Sleeve only or Stains – John Wayne Was a Nazi (1st press only, no MDC)
Insert for Agnostic Front – United Blood 7″ (copies are ok)
Skinny Puppy – Promo Glass eye paperweight for Cleanse Fold Manipulate
Skinny Puppy – Technical Manual (original only, not a copy)


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