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The Mysterious Travels of Mr. Potato Head

Awhile back I received a strange envelope in the mail. Inside was a picture, of Mr. Potato Head, near a bridge. There was no letter or anything else in the envelope. It was postmarked from San Jose, CA. I know one person who lives there, and asked him, and he said he has nothing to do with it, and I beleive him. After being a little creeped out from this phantom letter, I didn’t give it much thought. Here is the picture, from the letter postmarked Feb. 24:

Like I said, I saved it in case someone was going to fess up to sending it and didnt’ think much of it until a second envelope arrived. This one marked Mar 12 also from San Jose, CA. Inside was 3 pictures of our starch filled friend in different locales:

At this point, I was amused and puzzled as to why I was receiving these, from who, and if there would be more, and more there were….

To Be Continued!



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