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The return of Mr. Potato Head

So if you remember awhile back, I was getting these mysterious envelopes in the mail with pictures of Mr. Potato Head posing at various locations. After a few of them, they stopped coming. Well, I am happy to report Mr. Potato Head has taken to the road again and the mystery person has sent me more documentation. I received 3 envelopes back in mid-June. Yeah, I know that was two months ago now, but I’ve had a busy and fun filled summer so far and I’m seldom home, or seldom home alone especially this past month, so my time to do things like scan pictures and fuck around on the computer has been rather (and thankfully) limited.

So here is the first one, which contained one picture of our little friend in action. It was postmarked June 9 2003 from Las Vegas, NV.

Tune in tomorrow for the next episode…


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