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The Mysterious Travels of Mr. Potato Head Part Three

Another mysterious unmarked envelope arrived the following week, postmarked Mar 24 and of course from San Jose:

I wondered where he would go next. It seemed our oblong friend was getting a bit morbid (or gothic) on us by visiting a cemetary. Unfortunately I may never know the fate of the wordly Mr. Potato Head as this was the last envelope I recieved. If the chance that whoever sent them is reading this, I sure would like to know what the little guy is up to. I was sad to see the envelopes stop coming, I was really getting a kick out of them near the end.


  • Yeah, in the mailorder page on my website. I guess someone could have got it there and decided to be funny. I thought it might have been someone I know, but no one has fessed up to it.


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