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Mr. Potato Head goes digital!

I got an email today, from Mr. Potato Head! He sent me a new picture of himself. I guess he is still in Chicago, and showing his Cubs spirit. The email is as follows:

From: Mr Potatohead
Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2003 5:23 PM
To: mxv
Subject: hey bitch

you’re no fun

I removed the email addresses in an effort to thwart spam. Attached was the following picture.

I didn’t understand why he called me a bitch, and said I am no fun. I enjoy how he documents his travels and sends them to me, and I love to share them with the people. I am quite curious as to who is behind this, but I do enjoy it nonetheless. So Potato, or Mr. Head if you prefer, please don’t think I’m no fun, because this has been a lot of fun, it gives me something to write about!


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