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Mr. Potato Head strikes again!

I received another mysterious envelope containing some more travel pictures of Mr. Potato Head. The interesting thing was this time it was mailed from Chicago! There are places in these pictures I either recognize, or frequent! This one was postmarked August 28 2003 from Irving Park Rd Chicago.

This one is by the Penny’s Noodles on Diversey, a place I go to now and then!

I don’t know where this was taken, but he seemed to clone himself (or has a lady potato, it is hard to tell in the picture) and is chillin’ with Godzilla (and perhaps one of Godzilla’s ho’s).

That is near the Billy Goat Tavern under Michigan Avenue on Wacker Drive! I have never been to this particular location but I have been to the one near my work a bunch of times.

I have no clue about this one!

This is Potbellys on Clybourn. The starch filled man eats at the same places as me!

So it is obvious whoever is documenting these travels of the Potato Head knows me or at the very least reads this blog. I still have no clue who it is, and I haven’t gotten any more envelopes since this one. Usually after posting them, I get more shortly after, so we’ll see if it continues.

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