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UK Subs and the people

#2 and I went to see UK Subs at the Bottom Lounge on Sunday nite. On top of the show being good (the UK Subs kicked ass, especially for a bunch of old guys), talking with the people was even more fun. We met a couple girls there named Michele and Kasey when Kasey was panhandling money so she could by herself beer on her 21st bday. Upon learning this, we both bought her a bday beer. We also ran into Mike Destroy and Dana who we met outside the Discharge show a few weeks back as well. While shows can be fun from seeing good bands play, it is when you meet the people that you have the best times! I had my camera on me and snapped some pix.

The River City Rebels

UK Subs

#2 and Dana

MXV and Dana

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MXV and Michele from the poison town

#2 and Mike Destroy

#2 and Kasey the bday girl

MXV and Kasey the bday girl

MXV and fellow daghouser Tom M

Michele and Kasey from the poison town

UK Subs showing the kids how it’s done

UK Subs

UK Subs

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  • hey i know its been awhile but i was browsing your posts and i was with dayna and mike at that show as well as the discharge show a few weeks before that and i remember meeting you and the destroy everything guys and we were all making fun of you all for being so old! anyways next time me and dayna see you at a show we’ll say hi she also sings in a band now which might not be your style but you can hear at or the standard take it easy!


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