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These Arms Are Snakes – 10/21/03 at The Bottom Lounge

So last week tuesday I went (alone – thanks again everyone) to see These Arms Are Snakes play sandwiched between Minus the Bear and Velvet Teen. After a very satisfying meal at Potbellys as I was switching L trains to get there, I staked my claim just to the left of the stage in front so I could take some pictures. I tried a variety of different settings on my camera with mixed results, but I’m narrowing it down more and more to an optimum setting to get decent pictures in a dark show I think.

Velvet Teen played first, and I impatiently sat thru them. It wasn’t that they were bad, they were OK, but a bit too soft for my liking and all I cared about that evening was seeing the one band I was there for. These Arms Are Snakes played second, and they kicked so much ass. They have a ton of energy when they play, and you can tell they are into it. The crowd seemed to be digging them as well. They played some new songs which were damn good, and left me craving a new record already! They ended their set with my favorite song of theirs, and also my favorite song of the year, “Drinking From the Necks of the Ones You Love”. What a way to go out! Minus the Bear played last, and they were a bit too wimpy for me, so I left mid set thorougly satisfied having seen one of my current favorite bands.

These Arms Are Snakes at The Bottom Lounge

These Arms Are Snakes at The Bottom Lounge

These Arms Are Snakes at The Bottom Lounge

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