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Catching up with Mr. Potatohead

Last month, I got two emails from Mr. Potatohead, along with photos of his continued travels. The first one follows:

From: “Mr Potatohead”
To: mxv
Subject: Travels of Mr. Potatohead
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 16:32:47 -0800

Hey Mike
I know you been wondering where we’ve been lately since there’s little else in your life beside Penny’s and Potbellies unless you get to make a trip to California where i see you’ve been lately. I saw you when you were in LA and you were so HOT….but enough of that stuff…here are some pics…….. these are the pics from when me and the Mrs went to Mexico….want a marriage tip bro? Never marry a monster.

Another one came the same day, and I’ll post that one tomorrow.

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