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The Effigies 9/10/04 at Empty Bottle

Friday nite was the Effigies show. Unfortunatly, Lady Combustion wasn’t up to going out so she bowed out. I wish she would have gone, as it was the only disappointing thing of the evening. I met up at the Clown Ranch with my klowns and we drove to the city in the van. I was able to sell my extra ticket so at least I didn’t lose any money on that. We got in there when The Krunchies were finishing up. I met up with Lew and Tom M and talked to them for awhile and had a coke (thanks Tom M). I wasn’t feeling well so there would be no drinking for me.

After Vee Dee played for what seemed like 3 weeks, I staked my claim on the side of the stage so I could snap some pix. Unfortunately, only a few of them came out good. Either I am a retard, or the Nikon Coolpix 5000 really does a crappy job in low light. I think it is the latter.

The Effigies were great, they played a great set featuring 3 new songs, which fit right in and didn’t sound out of place with the old stuff. The crowd were way into it and the band seemed to be enjoying themselves too. After the show I ran into Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover zine and introduced myself as we only have spoken via email when he asked me for use of my Weirdos photos for their zine. Jack was a super nice guy and fun to talk to.

I, being the only sober one, drove my drunken klowns safely back to the ranch and picked up my car, exhausted but content from having a fun nite out.



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