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Skinny Puppy returns, day one

Yesterday couldn’t have been a better day. After running some errands and paying a surprise visit to Lady Combustion at her work, I met up with Ryan to head north to WI for the Skinny Puppy show. We left quite early to beat traffic and give us time to go record shopping, but not before hitting the Potbellys by his house.

After a couple stops at record stores where I found a couple items but nothing really worth mentioning, we were driving down Wisconsin Ave towards the club and what do I spot? A Potbellys! In Wisconsin! This state has more value than beer, cheese and porn after all. So I declared that it was dinner time and we ate there. So I had Potbellys twice in one day, in 2 different states. That alone was cause for celebration, but the best was yet to come. Skinny Puppy!

While The Rave hasn’t the best sound, they certainly did have a polite staff. The security were very laid back and pleasant in my minor interaction I had with them upon entering the club. They opened the bar really early but not the venue, so I had to sit in the bar and listen to some really lousy local bands play some bad synth pop, and Ministry clone, but shitty. Finally they open the doors to the big room and I move over there and start drinking a couple $6 beers so I can stomach sitting through Otto Van Shitrash. I don’t understand people’s fascination with this guy.

Skinny Puppy took the stage shortly after and I have to say they were the tightest I’ve seen them this year. Despite the toned down blood at this show (at the venue’s request, for some reason they were against the blood), it was still an amazing show. The set list was similar to the summer tour with a couple of changes that I’ll outline in the extended entry for those wishing to avoid spoilers. We even got a triple song encore which was great. We drove home completely satisfied and looking forward to tonite’s show! I snapped a few pix on my camera phone and if any came out good I’ll post them over the weekend.

Intro (w/parts of Epilogue)
God’s Gift (Maggot)
VX Gas Attack
Deep Down Trauma Hounds
Tin Omen
Hardset Head
Human Disease (S.K.U.M.M.)
Harsh Stone White

Encore for Milwaukee:
The Choke
Smothered Hope


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