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Skinny Puppy returns Day 2

Just got back a little while ago from the second and final Skinny Puppy show for me of this tour. The show got off to a shaky start, and Ogre was bitching up a storm about the overabundance of red lights for some reason. Once they got to “God’s Gift” though, everything came together and they pulled of a great performance. This time Cevin was really going to town adding effects and sounds to the songs, adding a whole new layer to them and man did it sound good, especially during “Human Disease”. This time out they only did 2 songs in the encore, “Convulsion” and “Smothered Hope”.

I am not sure the logic behind them being booked at the Congress Theatre. The place was way too big for them and the place actually wasn’t very crowded. The venue easily holds 3000 or more people, probably 4000. I know they couldn’t play the Riviera tonite as Megadeth had a show going on over there. I guess they figured they needed a bigger place than The Vic since they sold that out last time, and the next biggest place was booked so that was all that was available on that particular nite. At least the sound was better than in Milwaukee and they didn’t have the “no blood” mandate.

Sadly this is the last time I’ll get to see them this year. It was a good year though, I got to see them 7 times and considering for the last 12 years they haven’t toured, and for the past 10 years they weren’t even a band anymore, I’d say that was a pretty good run, considering I never thought I’d see the day that they’d be playing again, even though it isn’t the same as it once was (RIP Dwayne, you are still missed). Hopefully they’ll keep it together and do another record that will top the current one and they’ll be more tours.

Oh, and that they’ll pay TGore the money they owe him for the prop he made them for this tour!


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