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Neon Christ reunion report

I got an email and photo from Randy of Neon Christ who had this to say about their reunion show last week.

Just thought you might want to see this. I will send more if you like. This past Friday, Neon Christ played a reunion show in Atlanta to benefit the family of Atlanta music legend, Todd Butler. It was a pretty great night. Unfortunately our guitarist William “Kip” DuVall couldn’t make it. The band he is playing with is on tour so he couldn’t make it.

NX drummer Jimmy played guitar, and Greg, singer for The Carbonas, played drums. It was essentially the old Gardens of…lineup with a different drummer. The boys played well, and Greg did a phenomenal job; especially with only three practices. We played for, maybe, 30 minutes. The set list for what it’s worth consisted of:

Aimless Days
Draft Song
One Day (Cop Song)
It’s Mine
Neon Christ
Glue (SSD-encore)

We hope to play again in December. At the minimum, an all ages show with Greg on drums, but hopefully, and also, a “real” reunion with Kip on guitar. This recent show was pretty excellent. It was like a high school reunion, only you’re really glad to see everyone. We also met some new friends as well. The guys who drove down from Nashville were a real highlight. It’s flattering that they made the time and effort. Especially since they weren’t around the first time.

Anyway, that’s a brief report. Thanks for the mention on your site. I’ll keep you informed of any further NX news.

I’m glad to hear that it was a success and I’m also glad there is more to come!


  • I was one of the Nashville ragers that drove down to Atl for this amazing show! I took some killer photos that perhaps I could post here if you tell me how! I can’t wait to go back and see them again next month. It makes you realize that time and age really don’t change a thing as this shit is all from within!

  • If you email the pix, I can post them up here, that’s the only way to get them on this blog. Use the email link on the blog, not the email that is in this response. I also have some more pix that Randy sent that I’ll be posting up here.


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