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Pelican and Seven Days of Samsara

I just got back a little while ago from seeing Pelican play a show at Bottom Lounge. I went after work and missed the first band and most of the second. The second band was called Envy and they played some emo-ish stuff that wasn’t bad, but seemed a bit on the boring side. Long drawn out instrumental parts, then the singer would scream.

Seven Days of Samsura were supposed to play first but were late coming to the show because of the snow. I was glad I got to see them play, they are pretty intense modern hardcore with some metal riffs and tempo changes. I’d definitely go see them again.

Pelican took the stage and played a set that consisted of entirely new material. The stuff was different sounding from their records but still fit that mold. Basically they are getting a little more experimental and a little more atmospheric. I liked every one of the songs they played and it left me looking forward to a new record someday. They really are a unique band and I don’t see myself getting tired of them anytime soon. I think this was my 6th time seeing them, I’ve lost count at this point. They are from Chicago, so they play out a lot.

Unfortunately, like a dumbass I forgot to bring my camera with me when I left for work today so I was unable to take any pictures. The camera on my cell phone is completely useless in low light. If it is any consolation, the guys in Pelican look the same as they do in the pictures I took at previous shows that you can find by using the search function on the right.

And thanks YoungDave for the guestlist action!


  • Seven Days are really cool. Their bass player is in another awesome band called High On Crime. Pelican bored me when I saw them with Seven Days.

    On a completely unrelated note, I found the Lost Cause (IL) Lp last weekend. It was at Dave’s Records in Chicago for $10. Excellent.

    -Dan Celebrity

  • It’s on Broadway. It’s south of Reckless. There’s another record store right by it, but I can’t remember the name. Dave’s is pretty cool. It’s all vinyl and reasonably priced. They have a lot of stuff.

  • i was at that show. i personally think envy was fucking incredible, but you have your opinion too. samsara was pretty sick, and i understand the members are from kungfu rick, who fucking rock. pelican was sick as hell, too, i agree. remember the fat guy in the crowd who kept yelling shit out? that was fucking great… i didn’t know it was all new material, but i liked it, too. it was my 3rd or 4th time seeing them. pelican is teh shit.


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