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Young and the Useless update

A kind reader named Lisa sent me this additional info regarding Young and the Useless.

Adam Trese is an actor. He is currently on Broadway as Juror #12 in “Twelve Angry Men”.

He has also been on Law & Order (3 times) NYPD Blue, and “Murder She Wrote”. He played the coach of a college gymnastics team in the very short lived series “Push”.

He has been in several films (most of them independent films). He played Josh Hartnett’s priest brother in “40 Days and 40 Nights”. His latest film was 2004s “2BPerfectlyHonest”.

He is also an Associate Real Estate Broker for Halstead in NY.

From what I’ve heard he is really good at it. But, I think it’s like an in-between acting gigs thing.



Thanks Lisa for the info and the pix!


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