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The Effigies – 5/6/05 at Abbey Pub

Last nite, thanks to the generosity of Jeff for hooking me up with a ticket, I went to see The Effigies play at Abbey Pub. Eske and No Slogan opened the show and both were fairly standard hardcore bands. They were alright, nothing great and nothing bad and played pretty short sets.

Klown #2 also made a rare appearance and it was great to hang out with him again as it had been far too long. Chris H also joined in the evening’s fun as well. Thanks to all three of them, I had a fairly steady supply of beer to drink.

The Effigies played about an hour and put on another great show. I think I may have enjoyed them more the last time I saw them, but I chalk some of that up to the fact that I’m stressed out about losing my job and what I’m going to do, so that was always in the back of my mind. The band seemed to play a bigger variety of songs this time, which stuff other than songs from the first LP and EP. They played stuff from the 2nd and 3rd albums I believe as well as some new songs from what will hopefully be a future album (but they sure are taking their time putting it out).

The crowd was fairly thin and I was really surprised by the low turnout, especially for a Friday night. I don’t know if the low turnout was due to lack of advertising/promotion for the show or what, all I know is last fall when they played, they sold out the Empty Bottle and turned many away. Those that didn’t go missed a good show, so I guess it was their loss.


  • Effigies album is supposed to be out this fall. I would kill to see the Effigies so I’m saddened to hear the turnout was low. Some people don’t realize how lucky they are!

    Thanks for the cool pics

  • I’m surprised they pulled out songs from Ink and Fly On The Wire, they’ve notoriously ignored those albums in the past. I wish I could see them, I haven’t seen any of their recent batch of shows.

    Saw Gang Of Four last week though, HOO DOG that show was mighty.

  • I think they ignored the last 2 LPs in the past only because their previous reunions were with Earl on guitar. I saw the show at the Empty Bottle and I know they played a few songs from “Ink” and “Fly on a Wire”.

    Any word on what label is going to put on the new Effigies records? I wish someone would get around to reissuing the first 3 LPs. “For Ever Grounded” is one of the greats to come out of Chicago.


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