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A new episode of LFCM (two seasons later!)

It only took the passing of two seasons and the unfortunate ending of my relationship with the girl I was in love with since I was 15 (a story I may write about in the near future if anyone gives a shit about reading about me and not just the punk rock) to bring you,  the people, a new episode of LFCM. What is LFCM you ask newer reader? It is Live From Combustion Manor; a classic punk rock radio show/podcast hosted by myself and the members of Destroy Everything, who just so happen to be some of my best friends. We play classic punk vinyl from The Punk Vault, drink, and entertain you (hopefully) with our goofy stories.

You can download the new episode here, and you can visit the LFCM site here. I will stop with my run-on sentences now and leave you to enjoy the show.


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