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LFCM the “lost” episode

We have finally uploaded the last episode of LFCM (Live From Combustion Manor) that we had in the can. This could be considered the “lost episdode” because first it was lost in editing limbo for awhile and then it got lost on my laptop and was forgotten for months thanks to life getting in the way. Now that I have this abundance of free time thanks to being unemployed, I happened to find the file while looking for my resume!

This episode features special guest Jim Baker from the old WI punk band, Withdraw. He also booked tons of shows back in the old days. Aside from that, we play a healthy dose of old and rare punk rock. Click the image below to go to the LFCM site to download the show. I swear sometime in the near future we plan to record some brand new shows. It has been way too long!


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