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The LFCM season premiere!


The “new season” of LFCM has officially kicked off with a freshly recorded, brand-new episode! We finally got together and recorded new shows and I have to say they are better than ever. This is the first episode to feature special guests, something that will become a regular feature starting with this season.

You can head over to the LFCM site and grab the new episode, or you can subscribe to the podcast through your favorite audio program right here. If you want to save yourself a click the new episode can be downloaded by right clicking here. Be sure and let us know what yo think and tell your friends!

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  • Just listened to 3.09.08-1, great show, you are guys are so potty mouthed though – like my long lost jr high cousins, I can only listen when the kiddies are out. More music, less talking, you have enough talking for two shows. Thanks


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