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Riot Fest announce 2011 lineup!

The fall punk festival created to celebrate my birthday (OK well it wasn’t really created for that, it’s just a happy coincidence that it happens before my birthday every year) is gearing up for another huge string of shows here in our fine city. This year’s fest was already worth attending for the fact that the Descendents are playing but they’ve sweetened the pot in a pretty large way.

Add punk rock pioneers X to that list (playing the entirety of their Los Angeles album), Youth of Today (get those X’s painted on your hands for this one), Social Distortion (who are incapable of putting on a bad show), All (with ALL 3 singers!), Weezer (well they aren’t a punk band, but they have a lot of fans and some catchy tunes), “Helmet” (sadly not the authentic Helmet, more like the Page Hamilton Experience), and tons more. And they still have one more big name to announce at the end of the week. Click on the image above left to see the lineup.

Needless to say I’ll be spending my week venue hopping to all these shows again this year (as usual). Hopefully this year there won’t be as many conflicts that force me to have to miss good bands to see other good bands. For more details and ticket info check out the Riot Fest website. They have 5 day passes that are quite a bargain that get you into all the shows including the secret ones which are usually some of the best ones of the week.


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